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Plutos Chew Cheese & Chorizo




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PLUTOS Cheese & Chorizo Chew 100% natural high quality milk protein, lactose and gluten free with irresistible flavour. Doesn't splint allowing dogs to chew and enjoy until the end. PLUTOS is hard enough to be enjoyed as a chew, gets sufficiently soft with saliva and biting action to be safely chewed by different dog ages and sizes. Plutos contains casein a milk protein which has an antibacterial effect, neutralizes cavities and bacteria, prevents formation of teeth plaque and eliminates bad breath. Fat loss - Casein slow digestibility promotes fat loss because increases metabolism and satisfaction feeling. Satiety - it takes a lot of effort to digest Casein protein, therefor creates a feeling of satiety. Safety- PLUTOS chews were especially designed not to splinter preventing teeth from breaking, choke hazard or stomach / intestine blockages. Irresistible flavours providing a healthier chew on the market - 100% Natural, Lactose, gluten and fat free, High quality protein, Nutritious and delicious chew.


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