What is microchipping?

Microchipping is a simple, safe and quick procedure. It can make all the difference in being reunited with your pet should they stray or go missing.

The procedure, which can be carried out by a vet or trained microchip implanter, takes only a few minutes and lasts a lifetime.

Unlike dog tags and collars, which can fall off or be removed, microchipping is a more permanent form of electronic identification for your pet. However, it is still required by law that dogs must wear a collar and tag, with their owner’s name, address and telephone number on it.

As of April 2016 it will be a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped!

How does it work?

The microchip is placed under the skin between the shoulder blades and will contain a code unique to your pet.

Once your pet is microchipped, you and your pet's details are stored on a nationwide database along with the microchip's unique 15 digit code.

(Your pet should be around 8 weeks of age before having the procedure)

If your dog becomes lost or stolen and is picked up by the dog warden or turns up at a shelter or veterinary practice the microchip can be scanned and matched to your contact details, which are kept on the database, so your pet can be returned to you.

Don’t forgot to update your details should you move house or change telephone number to increase the chance of being re-united with your pet.

Benefits of microchipping

  1. All puppies are traceable to their breeder, helping reduce the problem of puppy farming.
  2. Deterrent to dog theft.
  3. Allows your pet to be re-united with you a lot quicker if he/she should ever get lost or go missing.
  4. Easier identification - unlike collars and tags which can be easily lost or removed a microchip is permanently with your pet.
  5. Enables veterinary surgeons to contact pet owners for emergency procedures.
  6. Your pet does not need to be anesthetized.


Get your pet microchipped today and have the assurance that should he/she become lost (or be stolen), they are more likely to be returned to you safe and sound!

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