NOW OPEN! Muddy Paws Dog Grooming at The Blue Barn

NOW OPEN! Muddy Paws Dog Grooming at The Blue Barn

As you may have noticed, we've been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to convert our bed-shed into a brand new dog grooming salon - Muddy Paws!

We are now ready to welcome you, with bookings available via telephone or in-store.

Meet our Salon Manager

Our Dog Grooming Salon Manager, Rachel, is highly experienced with 5 years in the dog grooming industry, as well as a degree in Animal Management. Rachel prides herself on providing a relaxing, stress-free environment for your pet, utilising positive reinforcement techniques to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience. She loves dogs as much as the rest of us, with a soft spot for grooming your 'golden oldies'! Rachel treats all her clients as if they were her own, learning their likes and dislikes to work with your pets in the kindest and most effective way. 

About Muddy Paws Dog Grooming

Muddy Paws offers a range of grooming services, from walk-in nail clipping services, to full breed-standard styling. At Muddy Paws, we only use top quality products, which are completely natural, kind to skin, and free from parabens, palm oil and sulphates. All dogs will receive a hand blow-dry using a high velocity blaster, or a stand drier for more nervous dogs. Muddy Paws never use cage driers, and dogs are attended to at all times. 

Grooming Services Available at Muddy Paws

Long Haired Full Groom:

Whether you require a short, back & sides, a cute teddy bear cut or breed-standard styling, our experienced stylists can cater to your needs. A short consultation is required before your appointment to fully understand your specifications. This service is suitable for any breed that requires a haircut, or double coats that require undercoat removal and styling. This service includes a luxury bath, blow dry, styling, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. 

Perfect for Cockerpoos, Shih-Tzus, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers and other similar breeds. 

Short Haired Full Groom:

The Short haired full groom is perfect for short haired breeds that are shedding, or just need a spruce-up. Muddy Paws uses a gentle, yet deep conditioning de-shedding shampoo to eliminate any loose hairs, followed by a blow-dry and thorough de-shed. This service also includes nail clipping and ear cleaning. 

Perfect for Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Short haired Jack Russells, Pugs, Boxers and other similar breeds. 

Bath & Brush Service:

Perfect for in-between grooming appointments, or as a stand-alone service without the addition of nail clipping & ear cleaning. 

Please note: the Bath & Brush service is not suitable for double-coated breeds, as it does not include a thorough undercoat removal.

Puppy Grooming:

Our Puppy Grooming service are a brilliant way to introduce your pup to the grooming salon. We recommend bringing puppies to the salon as soon as possible after they are fully vaccinated, so they can be introduced to the process as early as possible. The Puppy Groom includes a relaxing bath with gentle shampoo, a slow blow-dry, nail clipping, hygiene trim, foot tidy and face cleaning. 

Perfect for all breeds of puppies. 

Face Trimming:

Our Face Trimming service is great for dogs with unruly growing facial hair, including tidying up hair around the eyes and mouth. 

Perfect for Schnauzers, Lahsa Apsos, Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frise and other similar breeds.

Nail Clipping:

Available to book or as a walk-in service, if your dog is in need of a nail trim.

Keep an eye out for our Seasonal Spa treatments, coming soon!