All prices are a guide only. Grooming sessions may incur extra charges depending on: coat condition, presence of fleas and/or ticks, behaviour and size of your dog. Prices are subject to change at any time.


Muddy Paws require at least 48 hours notice to cancel or re-schedule an appointment. This is to ensure Muddy Paws has an adequate amount of time to fill the appointment slot. If appointments are repeatedly cancelled without adequate notice, Muddy Paws will require an upfront, non-refundable payment in full in order to rebook your appointment.


In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (2006), Muddy Paws cannot justify de-matting for more than 15 minutes. If your dog arrives matted, the coat will have to be taken short. Whilst Muddy Paws will do everything possible to save a coat, if in our professional opinion it is deemed necessary to shave the coat down this will be done. Additional charges may be incurred as a result of shaving the coat. At Muddy Paws, we prioritise your pet's comfort and welfare and will not de-matt to the point of causing discomfort to your pet. 

Health Concerns:

Where necessary, Muddy Paws asks that any pre-existing health concerns, medical conditions, allergies or skin conditions are disclosed prior to your grooming appointment. This allows Muddy Paws to make any necessary provisions to keep your pet comfortable at all times. 

Fleas & Ticks:

If fleas and/or ticks are present once your dog's groom has begun, your pet will be bathed in a flea shampoo, which helps to kill and deter fleas. This will incur a surcharge of £5-£10, to cover the extra costs involved in treating for fleas and additional cleaning required in the salon. 

The Blue Barn Ltd has AMTRA Registered Animal Medicine Advisors available to advise you on preventing and treating your pets for fleas. 

Aggressive and/or Nervous Behaviour:

Muddy Paws always aims to provide a calm, relaxed environment for your pet. If your dog has previously shown signs of aggression or other concerning behaviours, Muddy Paws requires you to disclose this information without judgement in the interests of safety. Muddy Paws are happy to work with all types of dog, but on occasions where a second groomer is required for safety, additional surcharges may be incurred. 

Muddy Paws recommends bringing your pet's favourite treats to your grooming appointment to help build a trusting relationship between your pet and the groomer. 


 Please note that results of Emmi-Pet tooth cleaning will vary, on an individual basis. Factors influencing Emmi-Pet results include: the condition of your dog's teeth, your dog's tolerance to the Emmi-Pet system, and the frequency of visits. 

Muddy Paws recommend regular appointments every 4-6 weeks for maintenance cleaning. For dogs with heavier tartar build-up, Muddy Paws recommend visits at least once per week, which must be booked in advance. 

Muddy Paws cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor oral health before, during, or after the Emmi-Pet treatments.